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​Color                    Part #                                    Tubing                                                Housing

​Gold                    AS9250                                    2.500"                                                   2.470"       Buy It Now

Blue                     AS9218                                    2.560"                                                   2.540"       Buy It Now

Red                      AS9188                                    2.625"                                                   2.605"       Buy It Now

​Silver                   AS9125                                    2.750"                                                   2.720"       Buy It Now

Outer Hub Seals

Part #           Inner                                                Outer

OS3001        1.812"                                               3.130"                          Buy It Now

OS3002        2.187"                                               3.850"                          Buy It Now

Axle Seals

High cornering, uneven elevation and rock crawling forces the gear lube out of the center section and down the axle tube leaving your ring and pinion dry! We have the solution with this billet aluminum seal by Seals-it Off Road that has three o-rings that seal it to the axle tube and two bonded, heavy duty neoprene inner seals designed to compensate for any amount of axle shaft run-out.

​Our seals fit 32, 38 and 40 spline axles along with rear steering. Good for Jeeps, Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Dodge, Rock Crawlers and Mud Bog vehciles.

We also offer the O-Rings and Axle Seal Replacement Seal to rebuild these. In addition we also sell the Axle Seal Installation Tool for installing the Replacement Axle Seals.

Installation procedures are available below and on our Technical Information page.

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