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I want to offer my highest recommendations on the Seals-it rod end boot installation pliers.

I operate a small Datsun specialty shop. We sell control arms with the Seals-it rod end covers. Using boots on 3/4" rod ends we are at the limit of their 1/2" - 3/4" range. Without these pliers we struggled to get the boots on using a lubricant which ended up as a slippery mess all over everything.

With the Seals-it installation pliers we could easily spread the boot and install it over the rod end without any lubrication. Installing high misalignment spacers into the rod end is now a dream, the four finger design opens the boot well beyond what is needed and even with the rod end bore tilted, there is still plenty of room to drop the spacers in and close the boot around them.

These pliers cut assembly time by at least 3 or 4 fold and no more slippery mess afterwards.

If you are fitting boots to just a couple of suspension links, this tool will more than pay for itself in ease, speed and lack of frustration.

I sincerely mean the above, I can't believe how easy the installation is using these pliers, what an innovative product! 

Dave Patten, Owner


​Dunbarton, NH

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