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*Please note that the fuel pump seals are intended for racing but can be used for other applications. Please contact our Tech Center for further information, please see the Contact Us Page. There are installations procedures available above and on our Technical Information page.

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     Part #                          Make                              Carburetor Make            

     CHFP4002C            Chevy                                Carter                             Buy It Now

     CHFP4002H            Chevy                                Holley                            Buy It Now

     FFPP4001C             Ford                                   Carter                             Buy It Now

     FPDC107                  Drive Cable Seal                                                      Buy It Now

Fuel Pump Seals

This Fuel Pump Seal by Seals-it Off Road originated from our work with Robert Yates Racing and after the research, engineering and a year of having it on the Yates Racing engines, we introduced the product to market for Ford and GM applications. The fuel pump seal was designed to keep lubrication inside the fuel pump cavity in order to keep the pump arm lubricated. The kit will keep hot engine oil in the engine and out of the fuel pump where it could damage the pump.

Our fuel pump seal kit uses a molded neoprene seal bonded to an alloy plate to seal around the fuel pump arm which will keep hot oil out of the fuel pump cavity. Included in each kit is a special insulation gasket along with sleeved insulated bolts that will also cut down on heat being transferred to the fuel pump.