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Standard Size   Part #

​3/16"          WS1875              Buy It Now

1/4"            WS2500              Buy It Now

5/16"          WS3125              Buy It Now

3/8"            WS3750              Buy It Now

7/16"          WS4375              Buy It Now

1/2"            WS5001              Buy It Now

5/8"            WS6250              Buy It Now

3/4"            WS7500              Buy It Now

7/8"            WS8750              Buy It Now

1"               WS1000              Buy It Now  

 Metric Size  Part #

5mm          WS5MM             Buy It Now

6mm          WS6MM             Buy It Now

8mm          WS8MM             Buy It Now

10mm        WS10MM           Buy It Now      

12mm        WS12MM           Buy It Now

14mm        WS14MM           Buy It Now

16mm        WS16MM           Buy It Now

18mm        WS18MM           Buy It Now

20mm        WS20MM           Buy It Now

25mm        WS25MM           Buy It Now

​30mm        WS30MM           Buy It Now

Rod End Seals

Rod end seals by Seals-it Off Road have many applications from asphalt racing to off road vehicles.  Our rod end seals will prevent dirt, water and other contaminants from damaging the performance of your rod ends. Exposed rod ends will let the lubrication out and dirt in, so have our rod end seals protect those vital parts. 

Use Seals-it Off Road rod end seals and be good to go!

Each package contains 6 rod end seals.

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For volume pricing, please contact us directly via the Contact Us Page.